Monday, November 13, 2006

dear sweet sarah...

ok. ok. i know it has been weeks since i posted last, but i have had (and am still having) some dificulties with the computer.
i would like to tell you about a dream i had the night before last. if you think i mistyped something or something doesnt make sense- it is because it was a dream. doy.
i finaly had a baby! she was a precious little girl, about the size of a small freckle or pin head...i believe her name was sarah. she was pink, because she was a girl, of course. i was so filled with joy to finaly have my precious baby (i dont remember eric being there, but im sure he was) but everyone at camp kept taking her away. they just wanted to love on her and show her off, but i never got to hold her and that was all i wanted. sarah would be missing for hours and i just needed to see her! chelan always took her away to hold and play with. finaly it i got her back and was holding her when all the sudden i tried to pick her up, off my jacket sleeve, and i plucked her pink little wings off! then, i couldnt find her! she was gone! i looked all over my arm and the ironing board but she was gone forever....i cried and cried and sobbed and wailed because my poor tiny baby was out there all alone, with no wings...i waited so long for her and now she was gone. then, i read sarah sherks diary. aparently, she wasnt too happy about it when she found out. i felt really bad and she was really mad.
isnt this sad?! and maybe a little funny! i was so sad when i woke up- i told eric all about it and between laughs he tryed to be very sympathetic and sad with me. but i knew he didnt love her like i did.
the creepy thing is that i told my marme about it and she had a dream a few weeks ago...i had a tiny baby, and marme was taking care of her for me. she kept her in a glasses case and used the lens cleaner cloth as a sleeping bad for her. for some reason, marme had to rush her to the hospital but kept driving in the wrong direction. finaly, as she was backing up, she backed right off a cliff into a giant mud pit! her and "tiny baby" were under the mud and she knew they were goners...when all of the sudden, someone pulled them out of the giant mud pit. the end.
what does this mean? are these dreams of deep and spiritual meaning?
actualy, eric and i came up with a few theories... we have a had alot of flies in our house latley...(perhaps why my baby was like a fly) and also, we liked the name "miles" for a baby girl (yes, a girl, we like boy names for girls) and then chelan names her new baby miles! (hence, the reason chelan "stole" my baby from me) :)
give me your thoughts on the matter.


arwen said...

and Sarah because of my Tiny Baby Butt... i'm sorry that your fly baby didn't make it. Maybe it is indeed a sign that, unless you get rid of all those flies, you will soon become the Queen Mother Fly and every hour you will birth 16 million baby flies (also known as maggots)(ewe... that is gross. I'm done now.)(funny story: i typed 'dong' instead of 'done')

Lisa said...

I think your pregnant, with fly babies. Gross.

Weird that your mom had practically the same dream... and i like that you were at camp with your baby, that seems just the place to have a fly baby.


tara said...

guys, she was a cute little pink fly baby. actualy, she wasnt a fly, just a tiny pink baby with wings. lets stop with the crazy fly talk.

arwen said...

i don't know... all this pink talk... if you are so sure that she was not a fly, my next image is actually one of the naked mole rats from the zoo with wings.

yeah. just as sick, i know.

Jess said...

T, I left you a present on my blog. Go there.

kaydub said...

I don't think you have to really worry about the flybabies. If you were actually birthing flies, well ... then you'd be dealing with maggots.

Jen & Tara & Ryan are lucky that these dreams probably mean nothing ... otherwise you three would be two fish and one cat.