Sunday, October 07, 2007

Peace out. This is my farewell. This will be my last post on this blog. People keep bugging me about merging my two blogs and so I will give into peer pressure and merge. If you ever care to follow our life story or see what is happening with the adoption of our son you can go to
Peace .
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

8 more things...

FINE. I will post again, but not because I am inspired or have anything interesting to write about! Unfortunatly for some of you who read my other blog, I have been tagged again (twice) so I must respond and think of 8 more interesting things about myself...this is not easy folks, I am not the most interesting person in the world and I have already done 8 so... Here we go:
Actualy I just decided that this will be 8 animal related things, just to make it interesting. (or un-interesting)
Here we go:
1) My dream job (aside from being a mother) is to work at the Zoo. Seriously, I want to either work with the elephants or the seals. and I'm not talkin' about scooping poop, I'm talkin' like, I will train them and they will love me and we will do shows together and perhaps make a movie together.
2) A bird pooped on my hand today. Not just on my hand. On my finger. Not just on my finger. On my ring finger. Not just on my ring finger. On my ring. And it smooshed into the prongs and now I need to clean it with an old toothbrush or something. Gross.
3) One time I saw a little tiny Malteese dog on the sidewalk with his jaw dislocated wide open and his muddy tongue was dragging on the sidewalk beside him. It was the saddest thing I'd ever seen so I bent down to scoop him up and care for him, but as I tried to pick him up his jaw amazingly re-located itself and he started barking and screeching and chasing me! I ran for my life and he kept on chasing- teeth barred and looking for lunch. It was the scariest thing this day I consider him to be the wisest of all animals- he was like the venus fly trap, waiting for inocent pray to come along and then...snap!!

Ok I am done with the animal theme.

4) I have never broken any bones or ever had any major injuries- not even stitches. I had never even had a bloody nose until a year or 2 ago- I called Eric and was frantic because I didn't know what to do- do you plug? do you shove T.P up there? Do you pinch and tilt??
5) I was homeschooled from 3rd grade until I graduated from high school and I loved it. I will homeschool our kiddos too.
6) I have Matthew 5, 6 and 7 memorized. Look it up people- it's alot!
7) I have lots of freckles and I do not feel like they are cute freckles..they're just freckles. If they all merged into one, I would be more tan than all yall!
8) When I was a kid, I not only sold lemonade and kool-aide to make a little cash, I sold Dixie cups full of yogurt, pumpkin seeds, stuffed animals, bananas...really it was just whatever I could find around the house.
The end.
I am considering shutting this blog down and merging it with our adoption blog...because I think all the same people read them both anyway...what do you think? Should I take the leap or stick it out?
Also, let me know if you are reading this. I need to know who all is out there cause I know that some people don't comment. If you read this- just say hello, just once. Today. Please.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sisters, sisters...

I have a blogger buddy who has just adopted this precious little girl, Tsebay, from Ethiopia. (As in the picture at the top of the page) Is she not the biggest cutie pie that you have ever seen?? Her new mamma, Maria (who is also using Gladney, our adoption agency) went a few months ago to pick her up in Ethiopia and while she was there Tsebay's birth mom came to meet her and begged her to also take her other daughter, Kozit, who is 2 years old. (In the picture above with Tsebay) Maria obviously couldn't just take Kozit home with her right then so as soon as she got back to the states she began the paperwork to adopt that precious girl. While Maria is happy to be home with Tsebay, there is a sadness lingering as she thinks of Kozit waiting at the orphanage to be reunited with her sister. As you can imagine it is very expensive to adopt one child...let alone two, so Maria and a few of her friends have come up with a plan to raise the money to keep these sisters together forever...they are attempting to raise $10,000 of the cost and get the other $10,000 from grants- but here is how you can help:

A minimum donation of $50.00 will get your name in a raffle.
Here is what you can win:
-round trip tickets for two to Maui
-a lei greeting at the airport

-10 day accommodations in a cottage on the North Shore of Maui
-10 day car rental
-2 nights out at beautiful Maui restaurants
****The cash out option will be: $3000****

Their goal is to get 275 tickets sold so please pass this along to anyone interested in winning a trip or even more importantly, helping to bring Kozit home to her little sister! Here is the email if you are interested in helping, Just let her know how many tickets you would like to purchase and she will send them to you!
Thanks guys!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Everything is bigger in OKC...

A few weeks ago I decided to take Charles to the Oklahoma City Zoo. We went early in the morning while it was nice and cool and the place was nearly empty, just a few moms and babies wandering around. It was so nice and peacefull and quiet, we were having a great time! Then as we strolled along we came upon an exhibit that was just trees so we stopped to read the sign and see what was in there and if we could find it. As I began reading I realized there were Cicada Killer nests in those trees...(hmmm, whats a Cicada Killer?)...also known as Giant Red Wasps...(what the...??) Within a few seconds we are surrounded by hundreds of crazy giant red wasps, so I start freaking out- swatting and shaking and running as fast as Charles' stroller will allow! I'm sure I was a lovely sight- doing the running boogy dance. But what the crap?! What kind of Zoo thinks it would be a great idea to have a wasp exhibit and hives- out in the open for all the world to be stung?! Well, we didn't get stung, but I will forever wonder who fabulous idea that Oklahomans, we are duh smardest ever.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

me, the dork...

I love to be a hostess! I love to have people over to our home and make it super duper clean and cook a good meal. I love having dinner parties...I just love having people over. Then, I read the blog of a friend of a friend and she just might take the cake on the queen of all hostess' makes me look like a big ole dork. Here is a clip from how she likes to treat her out of town joke.

i wash the linens for the extra comfy and soft guest bed in a little lemon verbena linen water,and put a big bouquet of flowers in a vase on the antique highboy dresser next to the bed.and a smaller bouquet in the bathroom next to the sink.
i empty out two dresser drawers and fill half of the closet with empty hangers.i pull out the extra fluffy, white towels that are reserved for guests only.
i have unopened toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, listerine and even a little thing of q-tips in case you forget yours.
i bake chocolate chip cookies or a cake.
i order your favorite dvds or books i think you might like.
i try to find out what your favorite foods or meals are and i grocery shop and plan accordingly.
i go over my tried and true list of tourist attractions and seattle must-sees that i think you would enjoy, including restaurants and cafes that are unique to seattle.
if i take you out to eat, it's almost always my treat, unless you physically restrain me from giving the waiter my credit card.
i almost always make my waffles one morning.
another morning i might make my apple puffed pancake.
this time i made a yummy pot pie on a night we just wanted to stay in and relax.
when you leave for a walk or to grab something at the grocery store, i sneak into your room and bathroom and freshen your flowers and polish the mirror and countertop.

Ummmm....when should i come over??
This is for real folks!! She is not saying how she would like to be when company is over- this is what she really does! I may be wrong, but i am pretty sure that that is God's 2007 version of the Proverbs 31 woman!

Friday, August 17, 2007

This is the beautiful cake that Eric made me for my birthday...chocolate with barvarian cream filling...from scratch! Read it and weap ladies. (p.s. don't you like Eric's latest hair-do, the hawk? I think it suits him and he looks hot)
This is the poor little cake after we had at it...mmm.....

This is "the group". They are our nearest and dearest friends that we do everything with. We celebrated 3 bday's that night, ate delicious food, drank delicious drinks and had a fabulous time. Love you guys! (actualy, my "delicious food" was a french dip sandwhich that was a little meaty tasting and my "delicious drink" was just Dr. Pepper...but still) Happy birthday to me.
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Friday, August 03, 2007